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MS Homeschool Elective Classes 
with Kristin James


About Me

I am a Mississippi native and mother of one. I first started studying law in eleventh grade, and I have never stopped learning. I have many connections to law enforcement officials, forensic scientists, and attorneys all over the US, some of whom work for federal agencies. I have been blessed with knowledge in all three fields of study, but my passion for homeschooling and teaching is greater than that of working in the field.

By introducing law, forensic science, and criminal justice to junior high and high school students, it gives them an idea of what their rights are as American citizens, what the laws are, and helps them decide if they would like a career in one of the fields. 

Bachelor of Science - Forensic Science (emphasis in Criminal Justice) - University of Southern Mississippi, May 2010

Bachelor of Arts - Paralegal Studies - University of Southern Mississippi, May 2014

Master of Science - Criminal Justice - William Carey University, May 2022



Classes Offered

Learning Options

Grades 5- 7:

Investigating the Law - An Introduction to Criminal Justice 

Grades 8 - 12:

Criminal Justice

Forensic Science

Constitutional Law

Zoom Classes
In-person Classes

Ages of Students

Grades 5 - 7 (10 to 13-year-olds)

Grades 8 - 12 (13 to 18-year-olds)